Divine Circus Oracle (kierrätyspakka)

Uudelleen myyntiin eli kierrätyskortit, jotka olleet suht vähäisellä käytöllä. Hyväkuntoiset. Rasiassa luonnollista kulumaa. Esimerkkikuvia lisäkuvina. Vain 1 kpl saatavilla. Tämä pakka on se vanhempi painos vuodelta 2016. Sisältää 44 korttia sekä opasvihkosen korttien merkityksiin.

Within you there's a free spirit that refuses to be defined by social stereotypes and believes it's your right to live your dreams, no matter how weird or creative they may be, and to have fun while doing so. Whether you're already comfortable claiming your strange beauty or just starting to explore the possibility that you might actually be a bird of paradise flower amongst a field of daisies, this deck has been created to encourage you. It will remind you to live your truth and replace playing-it-safe with dancing in the (dis)comfort zone of growth and bold creativity.

Tekijä: Alana Fairchild is the Australian creative visionary, spiritual artist, and beloved author. Described as a publishing phenomenon, her diverse and original body of work includes over 55 published titles, from books and oracle cards to meditations and music. Alana's online community is a divinely eclectic global community of the sacred, creating offerings for the planet and exploring Alana's online courses, including unique healing modalities in divine feminine energy work in The Kuan Yin Transmission and the sacred art of lightwork with enlightened beings in Saraswati Healing.

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