Medicine Heart Oracle

Medicine Heart Oracle: Shamanic Wisdom of the Divine Feminine Cards

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Connect with the eternal essence of Mother Earth to honor the natural wisdom and loving intelligence of your Medicine Heart. Within the soul-nurturing space of this sacred oracle, you will discover precious offerings nestled in seen and unseen dimensions. Breathe into your questioning and allow shamanic treasures from around the globe to reveal ancient pathways, creative visions, and potent spirituality.

You are ready to vitalize your transformational purpose, so move with the healing rhythms of Earth and Sky and enrich your life for the benefit of all.

May your Medicine Heart be infused with divine blessings and benefits, and your swift and complete fulfillment generate joy and unity for all being.

About the Author

Alana Fairchild is the Australian creative visionary, spiritual artist, and beloved author. Described as a publishing phenomenon, her diverse and original body of work includes over 55 published titles, from books and oracle cards to meditations and music. Alana's online community is a divinely eclectic global community of the sacred, creating offerings for the planet and exploring Alana's online courses, including unique healing modalities in divine feminine energy work in The Kuan Yin Transmission and the sacred art of lightwork with enlightened beings in Saraswati Healing.

Sophie Wilkins is a Quebec-born artist active on the Montreal and international art scenes since 2003. She uses various mediums, including acrylic, oil, and charcoal powder, and creates custom paintings for movies and street art. Sophie's work depicts a parallel universe, with peaceful warriors representing Mother Nature and endangered animals to raise awareness of nature's beauty. Her creations are characterized by attention to detail and metaphorical vision, evoking an emotive response in the viewer. 

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