Mystic Dreamer Tarot (kierrätyspakka)

Tämä setti sisältää kortit ja kirjan. Hyväkuntoinen setti, erittäin vähäisellä käytöllä ollut pakka. Pakkauksena pehmeä pahvikotelo.

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Tekijät: Heidi Darras, Barbara Moore

Imagine strolling through a dark wood, the silver moonlight bathing your path in an ethereal glow. Now is the time to call upon your intuition and explore hidden realms of imagination and creativity. What secret messages do your dreams hold?

Built upon Rider Waite architecture, this deck is ideal for traditional as well as intuitive readings An ever present Moon shines down on the Fool, the Devil, the Priestess, and other familiar faces Ancient esoteric symbols have been updated with imagery that speaks to the modern reader This beautiful and unique tarot captures the emotional significance of every card and offers an ideal gateway to personal exploration Tarot cards plus guide book

Tarot has been a part of Barbara Moore's life for over twenty years. Right from the start, tarot intrigued her with its marvelous blending of mythology, psychology, art, history, mystery, and magic, as well as its eminently practical applications. In addition to providing professional readings, Barbara consults for both Llewellyn Worldwide and Lo Scarabeo.

30,00 €