Tarot of Vampyres

The Tarot of Vampyres (sisältää kortit + kirjan)

Goottihenkiset tarot kortit kaikille vampyyerille tai niiden faneille. Romanttiset, synkät, erilaiset kortit. Isoissa Arcanoissa perinteiset nimet, mutta pikkuarcanoissa on näiden tarottien henkeen sopivat nimet: Valtikat, graalin maljat, veitset ja kallot.

Embrace the night as you succumb to visions of blood-red roses and feel the impassioned rhythms of your feverishly pounding heart. The Vampyre legend is rooted in darkness and seduction, yet its eternal message is one of spiritual hunger-to taste the Divine. Featuring Ian Daniels' richly evocative Gothic-style artwork, this hauntingly romantic deck is a tool for spiritual awakening. With it, you can plumb the depths of your inner shadows and emerge in the radiant light of truth. Inspired by the Rider-Waite structure, the deck shows the Fool, Priestess, and other traditional figures, while the suits bear unique names that call forth the mysterious and macabre: Scepters, Grails, Knives, and Skulls. The companion book provides detailed card meanings, creative exercises, original spreads, and instructions for creating your own Vampyre character. Includes a 78-card deck and a 312-page book

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