Unveiling the Golden Age Tarot

Unveiling the Golden Age: A Visionary Tarot Experience Cards

Sisältää 78 korttia ja 304 sivuisen värillisen opaskirjan. Korttien reunat ovat kultaiset ja kortit ovat mattapintaiset. Näiden ilmestymispäivä on ollut leijonaporttipäivänä eli 8.8.2023. Nämä eivät ole perinteiset tarotkortit, joten jos etsit erilaisia tai upeita visuaalisia kuvia sisältäviä kortteja (osassa korteissa tuntuu valokoodienergiat) niin ehkä tässä vastaus.

Traverse portals, glide down rainbows, and feel the glory of your wings in a truly revelatory oracle experience. Intricate and intuitive, this deck was birthed from physical and multidimensional realms to ground and elevate the reader in a synergy of co-creative connection. In addition to healing practices and deep insight, this deck supports group meditations and helps access collective wisdom. With Izzy Ivy's hand-painted wonders and spirit-led guidance, you will enjoy a deeply transformative journey.

About the Author

Izzy Ivy (New South Wales, Australia) is always delving in the creative side of otherworldly realms, and her truest inspiration is sharing the treasures of her journey in her paintings. Her art gives voice to her mystical experiences, adventures and all she encounters in her spiritual and healing work.

Izzy is passionate about reminding her audience that magic does exist and that we all hold the codes for becoming the greatest version of our selves. She believes in making art accessible through wearable creations, exhibiting in unusual spaces, live painting and capturing and anchoring energy on canvas.

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