Witches Wisdom Tarot

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Korttikotelo aukee sivusta näppärästi ja siinä on magneetti. Korttien lisäksi mukana opaskirjanen, jossa tekijän lisätietoa kortteihin liittyen. Tässä pakassa tarotkorttien numerointi ei ole perinteinen. Mukana käytännöllinen ja kaunis korttipussukka, joten voit kuljettaa kortteja pussukassa mukana.

The Witches' Wisdom Tarot brings users into the heart of what it means to be a Witch, a wise one who lives with reverence for the land, for life, and for the magic that flows through us. Radiant with numinous energy and magical imagery, this deck is a doorway for everyone who wishes to encounter the Sacred - in realms of Spirit, embodied by Nature and residing within our hearts. It is designed to be used not just by practising witches, but by anyone seeking practical answers, Divine guidance or help overcoming obstacles.

Bestselling Wiccan author Phyllis Curott and Hedgewitch Danielle Barlow journeyed for each of the images, spreads and spells, diving deep beneath traditional archetypes and the ceremonial symbolism of the ubiquitous Rider-Waite-Smith deck. The Minor Arcana reveal the primal sources of swords, wands, cups and pentacles, drawing on the spiritual teachings of the elements. Each card immerses users in the beauty, wisdom and embodied divinity of Nature and offers a mirror for them to recognize that they too are part of Nature.

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