Oracle of Delphi

Prophecies from the Eternal Priestess. 

Sisältää 44 korttia ja 176 sivuisen opaskirjan. Korttipakka on julkaistu syyskuussa 2023. 

Here, on the threshold of wisdom, you can commune with ancient seers, reclaim miracles, and free the future. Here, your questions invite guidance, magic, and activations. Here, you can experience a remembering that brings you home to the temple within.

This exquisite oracle set is a portal to clarity and understanding. Shuffle the deck to invoke the eternal priestess, choose your cards, and welcome wonder, healing visions, and sacred empowerment.

May the mysteries of the oracle open your intuitive senses, self-awareness, and inner mystic.

About the Author

Suzy Cherub has always been a stargazer and trailblazer. She is a psychic medium, author, speaker, and intuitive coach. Awarded International Psychic of the Year: Australia, Suzy has helped thousands of people worldwide with her psychic insights and healing messages. Today, she uses her intuitive gifts to empower, teach, and guide others to develop their own gifts and live a more attuned and conscious life.

Briarly Collyns is a visual alchemist, an intuitive and an inspirer. She channels enchanting visions of other realms encoded with symbology and sacred geometry. Devoted to amplifying light, beauty, magic and higher vibrations, Briarly uses her unique form of digital artistry to inspire others to remember who they are and claim their wildest dreams.

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